Mining & Metals

Mining & Metals

miningTerraSource Global is the umbrella corporation for Jeffrey Rader Brand as well as Gundlach Crushers and Pennsylvania Crusher. These three companies have a broad range of experience in potash, salt, talc and coal facilities worldwide and they have established the highest standard for design, performance and reliability with their size reduction systems and the various feeders required to allow these plants to operate at optimum levels.

Jeffrey Rader Brand has always been recognized as a champion of design and reliability whenever vibratory feeders are required. Applications include optimizing the feed rates into crushers and their centre discharging units dramatically reduce gyratory wear rates as the in-feed is presented uniformly to the crusher’s circular throat. Jeffrey Rader feeders work under large crushers to protect conveyor belts from impact and they can also be used to provide reliable feed rates of mining bulk materials to ensure a consistent downstream process.

Gundlach crushers typically prepare salt, potash, talc, coal and pet-coke for subsequent processes while Pennsylvania’s crushers and impactors provide uniform size reduction ensuring reliable and incredibly stable downstream chemistries. Pennsylvania’s Posimetric feeder can control the introduction of difficult to feed materials with great precision and are regarded as a ‘must have’ in many coal and biomass designs.

OHIO Magnetics offers a complete range of lifting magnet systems capable of handling all manner of ferrous materials. These may include; billets, slabs, plates, coils, ingots, grinding media, recycling scrap, etc. Since 1917, they have earned their reputation and are the recognized champion in the field of magnetic lifting .  

Their sister company, Stearns Magnetics compliments this offering with a comprehensive line of tramp iron removal systems which include magnetic pulleys, chute magnets, magnetic drum separators and ‘over-the-belt’ magnets with each system either protecting downstream components from damage or reclaiming valuable materials. Stearns also design and manufacture wet magnetic drum separators systems for slurry applications. An evaluation and repair facility is available and these services have kept thousands of these magnets and systems operating flawlessly for decades.

Macawber Engineering pioneered the use of dense-phase pneumatic conveying when asked in 1974 to convey 3” lump coal. Successful installations with a huge range of materials around the globe now number more than 6,000 and they easily facilitate the transportation of ore concentrates, reagents, slag residue, lime, coal, coke and related fuels. Knowing the difference between vacuum, dilute and dense-phase conveying systems and the criteria to determine their use is critically important if your project or upgrade is to be perfect.

If your application involves acidic, abrasive or hot slurries, Macawber's dome valve can eliminate failures associated with traditional valving.

VAC-U-MAX Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems are considered an acceptable engineering control to support compliance with OSHA and ministry regulations. Best industrial hygiene practices recommend using HEPA Vacs to mitigate operator exposures. Explosion proof designs are specified when managing dusts that pose explosion or dust ignition hazards. VAC-U-MAX can offer vacuum cleaning systems for Class II, Division 2 environments. Applications include all manner of housekeeping tasks like trailer and railcar cleanup. Tools for wall, ceiling, rafter and equipment cleaning are available.

Getting large or complex pieces of equipment to perform exactly as designed is an absolute ‘must happen’ in the mining and metals industry as these components are just too large to swap out or adjust in the field. 


  • Electromechanical Vibratory Feeders
  • Impactors
  • Roll Crushers
  • Size Reduction Equipment
  • Vibratory Tube Conveyors
  • Cross-belt Separator
  • Gravimetric Feeders
  • Dome Valves
  • Diverter Valves
  • Magnetic Drums
  • Volumetric Feeders
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems
  • Magnetic Separation Systems
  • Magnetic Lifting Systems
  • Air-powered Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyors
  • Over-the-belt Magnets



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