Manufactured Products

Manufactured Products

manufactureDickson Industrial Insight & Innovation (DI3) has the technical experience and competence that accompanies more than 33 years of hands-on field sales, with 30 years in bulk solids material handling. 

DI3 offers process insights that promise trouble free designs. Whether you are loading salt from 50 lb. bags into a brine tank, adding lime from a bulk bag into a water treatment process or incorporating a loss-in-weight batching system within a rubber compounding process – solutions to these challenges are our stock in trade.

Design obligations often include determining the choice of materials of construction, confirming NEMA ratings, operator guarding, minimizing housekeeping issues and establishing the control architecture. These and all other process considerations are explored, evaluated and then assembled into a comprehensive proposal. 

Material handling involves the controlled withdrawal of materials from a source (storage and extraction), the movement of those materials to one or more locations (transport) and then with no spillage, flooding or damage to the product, the introduction of those materials into the downstream process (metering). Continuous confirmation of the process and documentation is ongoing. (confirmation reporting).   

Whether you are blending pigments, manufacturing tires, operating starch and clay kitchens in a paper mill or need to develop systems to stabilize radioactive waste, DI3 has the technology to store, extract, move and meter your materials. If your present material handling system is giving you grief, DI3 will investigate the root cause(s) that may be hobbling your process and this is always the first step towards a comprehensive solution.

VAC-U-MAX HEPA Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are considered an acceptable engineering control to support compliance with OSHA and ministry regulations. Best industrial hygiene practices recommend using HEPA Vacs when managing dusts that pose explosion or ignition hazards. VAC-U-MAX can offer vacuum cleaning systems for Class II, Division 2 environments typically found with sugar, flour and starch use. Tools for wall, ceiling, rafter and equipment cleaning are available. HEPA vacuums have the highest protection of any industrial vacuum on the market.

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  • Electromechanical Vibratory Feeders
  • Impactors
  • HEPA Vacuums
  • Metalworking Shop Vacuums
  • Roll Crushers
  • Size Reduction Equipment
  • Flammable Liquid Recovery Vacuums
  • Continuous Duty Vacuums
  • Cross-belt Separator
  • Dome Valves
  • Gravimetric Feeders
  • Diverter Valves
  • Magnetic Drums
  • Volumetric Feeders
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems
  • Vibratory Conveyors
  • Magnetic Separation Systems
  • Pharmaceutical Vacuums
  • Magnetic Lifting Systems
  • Air-powered Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyors
  • Over-the-belt Magnets
  • Combustible Dust Vacuums


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